Monday, March 30, 2009

paper quilling instructions

Paper quilling is a very easy craft... You can make all that you can imagin.Just follow these simple instructions
You can learn these fun quilling patterns
Greeting Cards
Birthday Objects
Other objects
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But first let us learn the basic instructions

Paper Quilling Instructions
These paper quilling instructions will help you get started on the amazing art of paper quilling.

I)All you need is a paper quilling tool.It has a slootted needle. You can buy this tool for only Rs 30 from here.
II)Paper qilling strips: These are long and thin paper strips
Take a strip of quilling paper .
I would advise you to begin with the slotted quilling tool that is normally provided in a quilling starter kit. Later you may want to move on to using a needle tool or toothpick.
Now take your piece of paper and gently put the end into the slot in the tool. Make sure that only the tiniest bit of paper protrudes through to the other side of the slot. Then, holding the tool in your dominant hand and the paper between your other thumb and index finger, slowly turn the quilling tool so that the paper winds evenly around the tip. Try to keep the edges of the paper lined up

Keep rolling on till you get the desired size.Then let go and turn the tool upside down, allowing the quilled coil to fall off onto the table. The paper will begin to uncoil a little, don't panic, it is supposed to do that. Leave it to "relax" a little and then when it stops uncoiling use a toothpick with a tiny dot of tacky glue on the end to stick the end of the paper in place.
Hold the paper together for a moment or two until the glue dries.
Practice a few times to get perfection
Shaping your coils

You will squeeze and manipulate round coils into different shapes to build up your picture. I will explain them in detail as required in the project....

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